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Michelle Ray Introduces An Outstanding Track With "Chasing Shadows"

Michelle Ray is an uprising artist from Los Angeles who's a singer and songwriter. This natural-born talent began classical training at age 10 after begging for vocal lessons and the rest was history. Growing up in an extremely musical home shaped her destined future. Her dad managed a rock band with whom she performed backing vocals on their national tours at age 17 and opened for their sold out-shows in Japan at age 26. Shifting through genre of music she usually is gravitated towards the soul/R&B of pop music. Being influenced with artists such as Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and Bruno Mars, Michelle has found a way to incorporate soul and pop and hone in on her own sound. Having started her career exceptionally well she has had her outstanding vocals featured in Maybelline, Mastercard, JCPenny, Nickelodeon and numerous others and she's also been featured in a number of shows including Garry Marshall's "Mother's Day," Amazon Prime's "The Expanse," and Bravo's "VanderPump Rules." 

Following her newest release "Chasing Shadows" Michelle Ray does an amazing job of putting this track all together with her soulful vocals, intensifying production, and topping it off with electrifying synths. The song captures the fun and summer energy that almost anyone could crave. To explain the track further it's about having this feeling of a presence being with you everywhere you go but not being able to hold it. Sharing memories surrounded by thoughts and adventures that they once had, it expresses the love that could potentially save them. This song is perfect for a summer day drive or just listening to it a night for a dance party. It's a track that will surely get you up on you feet and start grooving . Go check out "Chasing Shadows".






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