Michael Joon - "Half Past 5AM"

Introducing Michael Joon today with his latest single "Half Past 5AM. Michael Joon is a Korean/ American singer that we've recently stumbled on but we just simply had to share. While not much is known about the musician at this time, what we do know is that he has pure, and raw sure talent. The singing is very reminiscent to The Weeknd and Joji in ways that has us feeling ambient, yet the vocals are very well treated and displayed with full vibratto. The instrumental starts strong and tough with a bass that gives you a feeling of late night drive. The vocals are nice, bright and loud, and we think the writing is simply fun and joyful this time. When it comes down to the subject line, we think the vocals are really beautiful, but the lyrics are a bit darker. Imagine being with someone who takes away you sleep, because you think of them so much. Listen below.


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