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Michael Droske - "Look Out, I'm Open Now"

Introducing Michael Droske with the latest single "Look Out, I'm Open Now". The musician tells us "This song was written after Tom Petty died, and I like to think it sounds like him smiling down from heaven. I recorded myself playing tuned wine glasses in harmony, and gave it many layers of shimmering harmony vocals, including some polyphonic throat singing by Stephen Saletta." Mike Droske is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who wants to reach deep into the dust of 60s psychedelia, throw it across an afternoon sunbeam, and diffuse laser light through it. The single is absolutely on the funner side of things, there is a young and free feeling within the single we think. There is a lot of talent within the single that just absolutely grasps you. The instrumental is just something that gets your heart strings absolutely tugged as well with the flavor. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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