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Mia Lovelock - "Water Into Waves"

Introducing Mia Lovelock with "Water Into Waves". The single, from her Ep, is a concoction she categorizes under Nu-disco, Indietronica, and Folktronica. All different flavors that we love. With her latest release, 'The Instrumentals' EP, Mia Lovelock invites listeners into a deeply textured sonic landscape. This EP comes to light after Mia Lovelock received an overwhelming positive response for the instrumental version of her track 'Water Into Waves' on Koori Radio. Inspired by this reception, she decided to create an entire EP that focuses solely on the instrumental aspects of her music. Each track on 'The Instrumentals' EP serves as a testament to Mia Lovelock's boundary-defying creativity we think. It melds haunting didgeridoo notes, intricate synths, and captivating guitars, resulting in an exquisite blend of traditional Indigenous and contemporary electronic music elements. Listen below now.


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