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Mezraa - "Can't Stop

Get ready to feel color with"Can't Stop," a pulsating track that effortlessly marries the worlds of future garage and UK garage. This high-energy tune comes to us from Antoine Desrosiers, aka Mezraa, a music producer hailing from Montreal's underground beat scene. The song is a compelling fusion, drawing inspiration from multiple places we think, lo-fi house and 2-step UK garage. It aims straight for the dancefloor, with a groove that promises to keep you moving through the night. Elevating the track is a minimalist female vocal chop that adds an ethereal, enchanting quality to the experience. Mezraa's sound is an intricate tapestry of influences. He skillfully weaves Madlib and J Dilla vibes into UK trip-hop atmospherics reminiscent of Massive Attack, creating an organic and cinematic soundscape that is uniquely his own. We've noticed that the instrumental itself is heavily influenced by UK vibes, even hinting at a touch of Burial's signature style. Meanwhile, the vocal element in the single is evocative of artists like Grimes, adding a multi-layered richness to the composition. Listen below now.


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