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Merv Pinny - "How to Say Goodbye"

Introducing "How to Say Goodbye" by Merv Pinny, a poignant and emotive track that beautifully blends elements of Adult Contemporary, Soft Rock, and Pop Rock. This song, imbued with sad, romantic, and moody moods, resonates with the styles of artists like Joe Bonamassa, the Eagles, Chris Stapleton, and Luke Combs. Written by Pinny on a cold, rainy day in his Kerikeri studio, "How to Say Goodbye" is a song that naturally flowed from his heart and soul. The track is unique in its creation we think, the main vocal and guitar were performed and recorded simultaneously as Pinny wrote the song. This organic and spontaneous process adds a raw and authentic touch to the track. It's not something we'd write about usually with the genre, but we could feel the raw talent gushing through the speakers and felt the need to share. It's not only honorable but the sound is just honest. The collaborative aspect of "How to Say Goodbye" further adds to its charm. After the initial recording, Pinny sent the track to his band in Perth to record bass and drums, coordinating with them over Zoom. This cross-continental collaboration highlights the unifying power of music and the dedication of the artists involved. We think that the single is a story of collaboration, creativity, and connection. Merv Pinny's ability to capture the essence of human emotion in his music, coupled with the contributions of his band and local artists, makes this track a memorable and touching piece. Listen below to see what we mean for yourself.


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