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MERESHA With Her Vibrant Track "HAWAI'I"

Meresha is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer with a deep, wide-ranging soulful voice and a quirky sonic vision. She is an #AlienPop innovator; so far the first in the genre. "Alien Pop" is like pop, but somehow also out of this world. Fully independent, Meresha's music has been streamed over 20 million times. Her 2019 single "Jungle Potion" went viral hitting a million streams in a few weeks, including while on Ariana Grande's official personal playlist. Meresha debuted it live at New York's largest music festival Gov Ball in partnership with Citibank and Live Nation. Late 2019, Meresha released a Bob Marley tribute with her version of "Is This Love" in partnership with Movember, the leading international charity supporting men's health. Meresha released "Hold" in 2020, which quickly went viral on TikTok, and for which fans & friends contributed to a music video. "Hold" was featured on Tidal's Rising Pop playlist. She performed it live online in partnership with Live Nation's House of Blues Music Forward Foundation. With the release of her newest single "HAWAI'I" she presents a very outstanding track that will definitely intrigue your attention. Beginning with booming instrumentation leading onto her sweet and full vocals she completes the track entirely. Explaining the single further it's about sharing and singing her love for Hawaii, she loves Hawaii and all the wonders it has, so why not sing about it!. To the vocals and production, this track will surely have you dancing. Being just perfect for a day out on the beach or having a picnic with some friends. Go stream "HAWAI'I" and check out her discography which is filled with amazing tracks.