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MEM_MODS - “Harmolodica”

MEM_MODS, an instrumental trio comprised of 3x GRAMMY nominee Luther Dickinson, Steve Selvidge of the Hold Steady, and secret weapon/multi-instrumentalist Paul Taylor, has released their latest single "Harmolodica." The track is a fun and energetic fusion of various genres and instruments, showcasing the group's diverse talents and creativity.

"Harmolodica" was created when Dickinson took an unaccompanied, raw drum track from Taylor and added upright bass and melodica to it. Selvidge then added spring reverb-drenched guitar, and the group worked together to create loops and noises that added to the song's lively atmosphere. The finishing touch was added by Taylor's impeccable washtub bass playing, resulting in a unique and infectious track.

Fans of instrumental music and genre-defying experimentation will find a lot to enjoy in "Harmolodica" and the rest of MEM_MODS' discography. The track is available to stream now on all major platforms.


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