Melsen - "Keep Loving You"

Ready to keep people moving while maintaining his knack for moving people, Melsen prides himself on groovy basslines, funky melodies and a sunny outlook At home on saxophone, drums and piano, the DJ/producer from Holland has already taken a grip of 2021 with three tunes full of his signature good vibes and melody. Melsen keeps his 2021 stock rising with some classy house business making clubbers join hands together in heart-shaped appreciation. Warm fuzzy feelings flourish when this one hits the spot as Melsen’s ear for the uplifting remains unmatched. The single is something you'd simply imagine hearing at Ibiza, during a long day of warm sun and drinks, leaving one popping place for another popping place. What sounds influenced by the Chicago dance scene and a lot of the UK scene makes for a new and fresh track. The vocal sounds like a sample that came straight out of the 90's and the phrase just fits the songs mood.


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