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Mehro Returns To Our Page With "Green Felt"

Mehro returns to our page, 2021's breakout artist mehro continues to display his generosity by gifting us with a fresh composition in the upcoming "green felt". After the recent release of the shadowy "howling," "green felt" represents the second installment of the "Alchemy" side of the "Alchemy and Dark Corners" series- following summer's alchemic "coastline" dispatch. His newest single "green felt" is different from what we discovered him from with "hideous" we love to give honest reviews on singles or projects although the artist may not ask for it. The single is definitely different but refreshing within his dynamic catalogue, We like Mehro heavily here at this blog, but if you asked us if "Green Felt" competes with some of his own work like "Hideous" we would say no, at least for the moment, its amazing to watch Mehro grow, try things differently, but we know there is more in store for the artist, this is for the quirky ones who stand in the corner at the party, but they're not the weird kids, at least they go. Take a listen below.



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