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Medium Build Introducing An Exceptional Track With Another Man

Introducing an upcoming talent Medium Build being from Anchorage, Alaska it's certainly a project that can't be easily pinned down. Sometimes a solo endeavor, sometimes a full band at its core, Medium Build is a creative outlet. It’s the effort of Nick Carpenter and anyone else who has fallen into his orbit over the last five years that let him put the microphones where he wants. It’s an ever-evolving collaboration built around a mutual love of 80s country, grapefruit soda water, and 90s RnB. Carpenter creates richly layered tracks by weaving raw, emotionally honest lyrics with driving instrumentation. He effortlessly blends the electronic with the analog and draws the audience into sad songs you can dance to.

Following his newest release "Another Man" it introduces an interesting subject not talked about much but with the instrumentation and the vocals projected throughout the track it's what truly completes this story. Starting the track with a slow but yet a funky hint throughout the single leading onto his captivating and luscious vocals this artist completes this track at it's core. This track is about making amend's with someone taking your pride to the side for one moment and apologize for your wrongs. Medium Build explains further what this track is all about "The eighth step of Alcoholics Anonymous involves making a list of shit you did in your addiction. Step 9 involves making amends with people who were harmed by your addiction. I was prompted by my sponsor to write to someone who I needed to apologize to. So, I wrote this song while hashing out my thoughts on the apology I had yet to give." Go stream 'Another Man" it's such a beautiful track, no doubt you wouldn't enjoy it.