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Max Fulcrum & The Win - "I Could Change"

Welcoming "I Could Change," the captivating debut song by Max Fulcrum & The Win. This track, a brainchild of Dominic Rose, formerly of Fake Turins, emerges as a dreamy, dark disco sound with a bittersweet ending. It's a new wave, synthwave masterpiece with an art rock essence, perfect for those who relish moody and dark musical landscapes. The creation of "I Could Change" is as intriguing as its sound. Dominic Rose, the driving force behind this project, was inspired by a dream. In an almost cinematic scenario, the song came to him fully formed, playing on an old radio in his dream. This vivid and powerful experience led Dominic to capture and recreate the track in real life. He produced, mixed, and mastered the song in a single studio session, a testament to his dedication and creative spirit. Dominic's approach to songwriting is deeply rooted in mood and intuition rather than technique. This philosophy shines through in "I Could Change," where every note and lyric seem to be a direct translation of his subconscious mind into music, really numbing your brain as a listener and making you enjoy the music second by second. We personally think it has an atmospheric vibe like from the "Twilight" movies, really noting its smooth, relaxing vibe with a touch of soft disco at the same time we personally think. This comparison underscores the track's ability to create an immersive, cinematic experience, enveloping the listener in its unique sound. Listen below now.


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