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Matty Reynolds Introdcues His Nostalgic Track "soul in the sky"

Outstanding artist Matty Reynolds is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from New York. He’s been writing songs since second grade; back then, he was just writing lyrics and humming melodies, until he learned how to play guitar at age 12 and piano at age 14. With Jeremy Zucker and Jon Bellion as his main musical inspirations, he uses songwriting as a creative outlet to express what he is feeling. Everything changed for Matty when he created his TikTok account at 17. He started gaining attention from people all around the world who admired his honest songwriting and unique voice. He released his first single, "Last September," on April 16, 2021, which spoke to falling in love with someone that you know you can never see again. With the release of his newest single "soul in the sky" he projects a dreamy track that will surely intrigue your ears. Beginning with soothing instrumentation leading onto his sweet and luscious vocals he completes the single fully. Explaining the track further it's about the void that is left when someone you love is no longer in your life. To the vocals and production, this single presents a calming feeling while listening. Being just perfect for a late-night drive or alone within your thoughts. Go stream "soul in the sky" and check out his discography which is filled with astounding tracks.




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