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Matteo Franchi - “Dive or fly

Lofi producer and musician Matteo Franchi has released a new single, "Dive or Fly," that is sure to transport listeners to another realm. This instrumental track features a guitar sound that is paired with Japanese drums to create a unique and immersive soundscape.

There is a sense of mystery surrounding Matteo Franchi, as not much is known about the artist. However, their music speaks for itself and "Dive or Fly" is a standout release that showcases Franchi's talent as a musician and producer. The combination of the guitar and drums creates a sense of ethereal, floaty atmosphere that is both relaxing and energizing.

Matteo Franchi is a musician, composer, sound designer, and producer from Florence, Italy. For Franchi, music is a kind of religion, a way to connect with the universe and find a sense of peace and clarity. Their music reflects this philosophy, with a focus on instrumental compositions that are designed to transport listeners to another realm.

Overall, "Dive or Fly" is a must-listen for fans of lofi and instrumental music. With its immersive sound and meditative vibes, this single is sure to be a hit with listeners who are looking to escape the stresses of the everyday world.


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