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Matt Storm Introduces His Soothing Track "I Can Wait"

Upcoming artist Matt Storm is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver B.C. As a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Matt produces and records all his own work at East Vancouver's Orchid Studios. When he’s not creating his own tunes, he is hard at work helping other local artists realize their sonic vision as Orchid Studios' house engineer.

Matt's sound can be described as indie soul, playing on classic references such as Bill Withers and Donny Hathaway, intertwined with new sounds like Emily King, Nick Hakim and Ray LaMontagne. Drawing on life experience and introspection, his songwriting searches for meaning through melancholy, and hopes to define love through vulnerability. Following his newest single "I Can Wait" he presents a very nostalgic sounding track that will certainly intrigue your ears. Starting the track with a soft instrumentation leading onto his soft and sweet vocals he completes the track fully. Explaining the track further it's a patience anthem. These days we are relearning with virtue, and as we battle with it, we are exposing things about ourselves that we did not know before. Be that good, or bad. Matt struggles to understand it, and comments on how such change can often be unnoticeable, “Seems like nothing as it shifts this paradigm”. Either way all he can do is wait, and he is more than willing to do so in order to gain some understanding. To the vocals and production this track will surely one track we couldn't miss out on, to the sweet chords and luscious vocals this track is truly a bop. Making it just perfect for a late night drive or just a day out on the beach. Go stream "I Can Wait"!



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