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Matt McLean - "New Mexico"

Introducing Matt McLean with "New Mexico", Produced by Michael Green Music Production, this track takes you on a captivating musical journey filled with aggressive, moody, and dark vibes.

From the moment the song starts, you'll notice the artist's talent for creating an immersive experience. The mix of the single, giving it a radio-like quality, adds to its allure and gives off a distinct Gorillaz vibe. The instrumental, combined with the catchy hooks, evokes a feeling of a potential TikTok hit, ready to captivate listeners worldwide.

"New Mexico" begins as a slow waltz but quickly transforms into a synth-driven, Gorillaz-esque masterpiece with hip hop beats. The lyrics delve into themes of feeling lost, adding depth to the energetic soundscapes. Matt McLean, a singer-songwriter originally from Chicago and currently based in Denver, draws inspiration from a wide range of genres, including proto/post-punk, 90's lo-fi/indie, 60's pop, and krautrock. Listen below.


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