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Matt Fx & Melika With "A Love Beginning"

Matt FX is a DJ, producer, music supervisor, and tv host. Referred to as a 'musical polymath' by Forbes and a 'NYC nightlife institution' by VICE, he is best known as the man behind the soundtrack of the hit comedy central tv show BROAD CITY, as well as the host of his own food + music based digital series, ‘In The Mix with Matt FX.' As a DJ, Matt approaches each and every set with an irreverence that the New York Times calls 'interesting social commentary on multiple levels' and has shared lineups with everyone from Soul Clap and Disclosure to Snoop Dogg and Demi Lovato. Matt tells us "the single is about seeing someone across the room and immediately time stops." It's very reminiscent to Disclosure to us, we can definitely feel the influence there for sure. As for the vocals, the singer is Melika, a self taught singer and producer. Melika delivers here with her amazing vocals. Her work consists of minimal moody chilled out beats with layers of rich soothing vocals. The subject of her work often focuses on love and spirituality while experimenting greatly with sound manipulation, vocal layering and poetry. Listen below!


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