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Matilda Sabina With Her Astounding Track "Slippin"

Introducing upcoming artist Matilda Sabina who's a singer and songwriter based in Stockholm, Sweden. Always working on different music, she has released a great track with "Slippin." Starting the beat with a funky/disco beat leading onto her soft and capturing vocals. The production and the overall vocals are just so effortlessly perfect, as well as her vocal tone in the track that truly sets this track to the full extent. To Explain the track further it's a Sad and sexy love song electronic 80's synth-wave neon vibe, California highway midnight driving hot sand ocean waves neon lights hot vibes vocoder teardrops, milky way starlight electric avenue creatures of the night 8-track daft punk meets kavinsky, girl hot lips hot babe lonely driver speed of light nightrider red lights no brakes only speed faster than a bullet fearless driver in the night crime of passion love no more dancing in the dark cocktails bermuda sunrise sunglasses in the dark. It's one funky track and anyone listening will definitely wanna keep this track on repeat. If you love this one, make sure to check out her other track as well their all amazing. Go stream "Slippin".


Instagram: @matilda.sabina

Spotify: Matilda Sabina


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