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Mary Middlefield - "Sexless"

Swiss indie-pop sensation Mary Middlefield is back, and she's not holding back. Her latest single, "Sexless," is a raunchy, bold, and undeniably catchy track that's sure to turn heads. With a new LP on the horizon, Middlefield is ready to make her mark in the music world.

"Sexless" is a departure from Middlefield's previous work, showcasing a daring and unapologetic side of her artistry. The accompanying music video is equally mesmerizing, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the song. Middlefield's willingness to be vulnerable and explore new territory in her music sets "Sexless" apart from her past material.

This release comes hot on the heels of her debut album, "Thank You Alexander," which hit the airwaves on March 3rd. Born during the midst of the pandemic, the album served as Middlefield's cathartic response to heartbreak and adversity. Themes of infidelity, romance, and abuse are woven throughout the album, with standout tracks like "Band Aid," "Two Thousand One," and "This One's For You" earning acclaim from music publications such as Clash, Notion, and The Line Of Best Fit.

Mary Middlefield's unique voice and artistic vision shine through in her folkloric compositions, which blend elements of rock, pop, and classical music. Her ability to channel personal experiences into her art adds depth and authenticity to her work, making her a standout artist in a crowded music landscape.

As Mary Middlefield prepares to drop her upcoming LP, it's clear that she's a force to be reckoned with in the world of indie-pop. Keep your eyes peeled for what she has in store next, as her fearless approach to music promises to deliver more unforgettable tracks in the future. Listen below.


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