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Martina Flores - "La excepción"

With 6 years of experience, Martina has worked as a singer, songwriter, actress, producer, and coordinator in various fields, proving to be a versatile artist. She is enriched by various influences such as bolero, bossa nova, rock, urban genres and R&B. Her solo project was born in 2016, with her first demo "Desperté". In 2021 she released her album "Salvar el recuerdo", consisting of 9 songs in which she unfolds a journey through the depths of the mind and fantasies. San Juan's music experiences urban rhythms for the first time in a summery single that invites you to turn off reason and let yourself be carried away by desire. This year, singer-songwriter Martina Flores has allowed herself to play with new sounds and aesthetics. This was delicately reflected in "El Monstruo" - her first single of 2022 in which she delved into electronic music - and today it is confirmed with "La Excepción", a single in which she experiments for the first time with urban rhythms such as afrobeat and afropop, while inviting you to turn off reason and let yourself be carried away by desire in a game of seduction. With Latin roots, indie spirit and pop soul, the composer and performer displays her versatile and powerful voice in a catchy chorus with a danceable mood: "I don't like to lose control, but for you I would make the exception", she expresses in a production that mixes love and fantasy, and in which she does not hesitate to show herself intense and romantic, sensual and suggestive. Listen below!


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