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Mark Hamilton - "Birds & The Bees"

Mark Hamilton's song, "Birds & The Bees," is a soft rock/pop rock track that is characterized by its happy, romantic, and energetic moods. The song was originally written and recorded for a Valentine's Day release, and it perfectly captures the essence of the holiday.

For Mark Hamilton, music is not just a career choice, but a higher calling. He believes that music is a way to draw attention to the silent epidemic of mental illness that has taken the lives of countless artists and individuals. Hamilton covers songs by musicians who were lost too soon to suicide and drug abuse, and by re-imagining these inspiring songs, he hopes to show people who are suffering that they are not alone.

Hamilton's music is not just about spreading awareness, but also about breaking the stigma around mental illness. He believes that there is a huge community of people reaching out their hands to those who are suffering, and that music can bring people together for an incredibly important, long overdue conversation.

"Birds & The Bees" is just one example of how Hamilton is using music to spread awareness and break the stigma around mental illness. His music is a powerful tool for reaching out to those who are suffering, and it shows that there is hope for a better future.

In conclusion, Mark Hamilton's music is a testament to the power of music to bring people together and raise awareness about important issues. His song, "Birds & The Bees," is a happy, romantic, and energetic track that perfectly captures the spirit of Valentine's Day, but it is also much more than that. Hamilton's music is a call to action, a way to break the stigma around mental illness, and a message of hope for those who are suffering.


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