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Manggale - "Bloom (After and After)"

Get ready to bop your head to"Bloom (After and After)," the latest offering from Manggale, a band hailing from Depok, West Java, Indonesia. This track captures the essence of post-breakup regret in a symphony of Funk, Electro Funk, and Nu-disco sounds.

Released under the umbrella of romantic, energetic, and chill moods, the song is a pulsating journey that beckons you to feel every emotion down to its core. Manggale's style resonates with fans of artists like Roosevelt which we love, Midnight Generation, ÉVEIL, and Carvel', weaving a musical landscape that is both modern and nostalgic.

Manggale derives its name from the Batak dance tradition "Sigale-gale" and was formed in 2021. Starting as a conversation about bringing new musical colors to the environment and reuniting old school friends, the band eventually crystallized into a cohesive unit. The lineup includes Nicolaus "Nick" Baltazar on bass, Ladislaus “Rey” Ryanniro on guitar, vocals, and synth, Thomas Dwi Putra on guitar, Febrie Sihite on drums and vocals, and Arga Timothy on synth and vocals. After the release of their previous single "AIWIY" and Thomas's decision to work abroad, they welcomed Michael Bharlly on vocals to continue the band's musical voyage. Listen now.


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