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Manco Wilder - "Companeros

In an industry where hype often overshadows talent most of the time, Manco Wilder stands as an enigmatic figure, hyper-private yet undeniably skilled. The MC introduces himself to us with his latest single, "Companeros," a standout track from his second full-length project in less than a year, "There Is No Sunrise Left To Come." This release has been unleashed under the VinDig label and features a powerful guest appearance by Elcamino, adding an extra layer of depth and dynamism to the song. The genre, encapsulated within Lo-fi Hip-Hop, Boom Bap, and Alternative Hip-Hop, sets the stage for an auditory experience that is both dark and energetic. The track bears the influences of artists like billy woods, Armand Hammer, Eddie Kaine, and Griselda, but "Companeros" stands on its own merit, an unsettlingly moody yet captivating number. The track's energy comes from its lo-fi grittiness, a rough-around-the-edges quality that serves not as a hindrance but as an asset, drawing you into its complex, shadowy world. It's a compelling continuation of the style and themes that Manco Wilder has been exploring in recent months, showing an artist unafraid to delve into the murkier aspects of life and the human psyche. Listen below now.


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