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Majentta With Her Outstanding Track "Play the Game"

Upcoming artist Majentta is a well-known music video director also known as Maria in which she decides to take another creative step and releases her debut album as a solo artist — Majentta. The album, titled "Near Dark", is a statement, a story, a metaphor. Storytelling becomes Maria's signature move in music making, the same as in her music video works. “Anyone who wants to see the morning dawn must go through the night” - this is how Majentta describes her album, where the sharp themes of abuse and domestic violence are raised, though skill-fully veiled under the metaphor of a vampire story. Sensual melancholic vocals combined with gloomy arrangements immerse the listener in the very depth of love experiences. Every next song reveals new aspects of the story filled with unspoken cold and anxiety. Following the release of her newest track "Play the Game" which is featured on her new album "Near Dark" she projects a captivating track that will surely grasp your ears. Starting the track with a soothing beat leading onto her sweet and loud vocals she completes the track fully. Explaining the track further it's a metaphor of abusive relationships. To the vocals and production this track presents an overall melancholy feeling but yet a truly empowering one, trying to break away from abuse and pain this track can be relatable to anyone who has gone through it. Being just perfect for a late night drive or just being alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Play the Game" and make sure to be on the look out for future releases from this talented artist.