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Maisi With Her Lovely Track "guess I'm in love"

Upcoming artist Maisi is a fresh new artist who we recently stumbled on, Being a London-based artist Maisi has just released her debut single 'guess I'm in love' alongside a video directed, shot, produced, and edited by Maisi during the lockdown. While being fairly fresh with her first single, I can already tell this artist will be sharing vibrant tracks with the world and I'm definitely here for it. With the release of her first release "guess I'm in love" she projects a very nostalgic track that will certainly grasp your ears. Beginning with soothing instrumentation leading onto her sweet and luscious vocals she completes the single fully. Explaining the track further it's a frank and honest love song about "unexpectedly falling in love, realizing there is nothing you can do, so just going with it. Describing the music video Maisi explains keeping her music video fully authentic the first thing she did was set up a tripod in a few different locations and performed her song to the camera. she then messaged all of her friends who were loved up and asked if they could send her some little vids of them being cute and couple-y. she didn’t give them any instructions, just be cute, cause she wanted to show true, young love. she then edited these two concepts together and out came the video. She thinks the DIY feel of the video represents the song as it shows real love. No fancy cameras or technical tricks or editing, just love. It is exactly how she had envisioned it. To the vocals and production, this track will surely have your head swaying. Being just perfect for a late-night drive or just alone within your thoughts. Go stream "guess I'm in love" and make sure to be on the lookout for new releases from this talented artist.



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