"Mai EP" More Like "Mai" My Heart Ever Recover? Spacewalkjones Is A Sonic God

Spacewalkjones is not only a fashion icon and a verstile artist from Boston but he also owns a reptile which is pretty darn cool. His reptile ownership is only one of the aspects that makes this artist cool, he has a plethora of qualities that combine together to make his unique personality. All of these qualities can be seen in the music that he makes, this man is truly one of the most out of the box artists to hit the underground basically ever. He not only makes his own beats and melodies but writes all the lyrics and also mixes and masters everything himself. A good starter song to start out with if you are not accustomed to the genius that is Spacewalkjones is "And All I Saw Was Purple" which is one of the most ethereal soundscapes to ever hit my ears. To date no song has ever beat it in my eyes for replay value as well as just how it makes me feel. The feeling that that track evokes in me is like all the beauty in the whole world flows through my veins all at once. The instant rush of dopamine that goes into my brain each time that track plays gives me enough serotonin to make it.

All the sentiments above is no exception to how I feel about Spacewalkjones's newest EP project consisting of two songs entitled "Mai" that he dropped on June 21st, 2020 out of the blue. This artist is not only talented but also knows how to spoil his audience at random times, I highly recommend. The first song is entitled "summer" and starts off as a basic acoustic track which evolves into something much more complex and elegant as the song goes on. His smooth baritone voice takes his audience on a journey of sorrow and loss that took place one summer according to the song's title. This artist's voice also goes about an octave higher to sing a bridge which then morphs into what could be categorized as "glitch core" if you need to put a label on it and ends in nitecore where the song just abruptly comes to a stop. This abruptness could be a metaphor for how relationships can just end without warning at any time even if you may want it to continue. That's how I feel about this song as well, it has so many aspects in it that transforms what could be a basic concept into one with more nuance. If one were to ponder about what makes this artist truly great is you never know what a new project is going to sound like whenever you press play.

The next track on this two song EP is entitled "nothings going to hurt u" is simply an expose on depression and insecurities in relationships. The way this artist approaches this topic is very subtle but also very in your face at the same time. At first the listener isn't very sure what the theme of this track is going to be. Once the listener is made aware then it is obvious and in your face without being obnoxious which is a breath of fresh air. Again, this artist takes what could be labeled as a simple acoustic beat into an artistic masterpiece. The transitions and layers that he utilizes are heavenly , to keep it short and sweet. The line "nothing's gonna hurt you any worse than I do" is one that resonates and echoes within the chambers of my heart. Although the subject material is very accessible and relatable the way this artist experiences it and chooses to express it is very different than anyone I have ever heard. Spacewalkjones has mastered his own style that is recognizable as his, he stands out from the crowd rather than blending in which can only bring him success in the future.

In conclusion, Spacewalkjones yet again astounds me with his creative brain. His unique sound and voice adds a layer of quality to his work which isn't found with everybody. The only way to describe the sound that this artist has mastered is ethereal glitchcore. Some artists choose to distort their voices in a way that makes their voices intolerable to listen to at all but I can't ever say the same for Spacewalkjones ever. If you have never put the nectar that is this artist's music into your ears now is your chance. Listen and have a life changing experience, I promise you won't regret it at all.


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