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Magic Bronson Introduce A Fun Track With "ITILYN"

Self-described as 'profoundly uneasy,' Magic Bronson takes unnerving and anxious energy and channels it into songs that ultimately lift you from a place of uneasiness. Comprised of Matt Lieberman (bass, synths and lyricist) and Michael Nicastro (vocals, synths, production and lyricist) Magic Bronson began back in 2012 when the fated musical duo met at a neighborhood bar. They turned out to be greater than the sum of their parts, a classic pairing of opposites. No one can accuse the multi-talented duo of coloring within the lines when it comes to making music. They write without boundaries, with lyrics sprung from whatever miscarriage of justice they perceive in the world. Their winning combination of lyrics and melody-making has earned their songs coveted placements in numerous movies and television shows that include The Rookie,Suits,You're the Worst,and the feature film Certain Women with Michelle Williams and Kristen Stewart. On a particular note was their 2017 track "Nervous," about "All the things that make you nervous/crooked cops and guilty verdicts." The song sprang to life after Kendall and Kylie Jenner used it to soundtrack an Instagram ad for their fashion line. It was played on rotation in New York City taxi cabs during the Spring 2017 Fashion Week and currently has over 5 million streams on Spotify alone.

Following there newest single"ITILYN" (I Think I Love You Now) is a woozy new song that follows the recently released tracks "Surfin" and "Tell All Your Friends" which have garnered praise far and wide and will all be on the forthcoming SWEAT album, due out this fall. This new synth-tastic track features cruising vocals and syncopated percussion to create this head-nodding song. "ITILYN" (I Think I Love You Now) is a fresh take on a love affair with Los Angeles. With references to "skating down the boardwalk" and a love for all her quirks like sitting in traffic, life slowing down has taught us to appreciate all the things we often overlooked. The amazing production and vocals is what captures this track fully. It expresses what it's like living in Los Angels and the things we love and sometimes hate. But overtime you get a grasp of living in Los Angles and you start to fall in love with the city. It's a fun and quirky track that anyone would be able to enjoy. This song is perfect for a sunset drive or just wanting to listen to a great track. Also make sure to check out the duo's discography their music is chill and have fun vibes.