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Magali, A Cult - "Listen" (Secret Place)

Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing journey into the enigmatic world of Magali. Her latest release, "Listen (Secret Place)," serves as the captivating opening track to her forthcoming album, "The Lady, The Swallow, The Sorceress." This tantalizing piece, released by Chainsaw Records, offers a glimpse into a sonic realm where boundaries blur and imagination takes flight.

Magali's musical landscape defies easy categorization, weaving elements of Electro Pop, Light Drum & Bass, and the intriguing genre known as Witch House. Her soundscapes evoke a sense of epic grandeur, with moody and dark undertones that pull the listener into a mysterious narrative. If you're a fan of artists like Jockstrap, Eartheater, Grimes, Arca, or Sega Bodega, Magali's sonic tapestry will surely intrigue you.

"Listen (Secret Place)" is not merely a standalone track; it's a portal into a larger artistic vision. As the opening piece of her upcoming album, it sets the stage for the auditory and visual spectacle that awaits. Magali's description of the 3D-modeled album cover, featuring a Lady watching a Swallow pecking a hole in the wall to reveal the "OutsideWorld," hints at a narrative that promises to unfold in an imaginative and thought-provoking manner.

Mark your calendars for February 3rd, 2024, because that's when "The Lady, The Swallow, The Sorceress" is set to be unleashed upon the world. This album will not only be a musical experience but a multimedia journey, accompanied by a short story book and multiple 3D animations. Magali invites you to delve deep into her artistic universe, where sound and storytelling converge in a truly epic and mesmerizing fashion. "Listen (Secret Place)" is just the beginning, and the adventure promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. Listen below now.


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