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Madeline With Her Outstanding Track "Guilty Conscience"

Introducing upcoming artists Madeline who's musical journey has been nothing short of complex despite this being her first proper debut. After a brief stint on The Voice in 2015, Madeline threw herself into music, attending NYU while exploring performing, songwriting and new genres. She had the opportunity to perform at SXSW and open for Broadway’s Lena Hall. Through the ups and downs of attending music school, she cut out all external noise and turned to her contemporaries and friends to recenter her love for music. While finding her true craft and creating it into something she truly loves, madeline did have certain struggles to overcome while working on her music. But this had all came to an end with her newest release "Guilty Conscience" she fills this track with amazing sounds that anyone would be able to enjoy. Starting the track with a upbeat feel leading onto her loud and captivating vocals. To explain the track further it's about dealing with a break up. But it really focuses on reconciling with the guilt that can come with putting yourself first even if it’s the best decision for everyone involved. It's a groovy track that surely anyone listening would relate to and really just jam out. Go stream "Guilty Conscience" and check out her discography that is filled with amazing tracks.