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Mabes Introducing A Dreamy Track With "Caught Up"

Mabes is an english singer/songwriter from Essex, who first picked up the guitar aged 15 and started playing at venues in her hometown of Billericay. Growing up with influences from like Laura Marling, John Mayer, Kasey Musgraves, Billy Joel, and Bon Iver, Mabes prides herself on her true, honest lyrics and folk-country sound. With a strong desire to perform at a young age and after meticulously planned sitting room renditions of classic pop hits at the family home, a young Mabes was quickly whisked off to Sylvia Young’s Theatre School. Though surprisingly, Sylvia Young awoke in Mabes a desire not for the drama of the stage but rather the quiet, contemplative art of song writing. “I guess doing the singing lessons there I was always the one that preferred my own covers of music rather than the musical theatre focus of the school. So then I decided I wanted to play the guitar and I began writing songs in my bedroom”. While working at her day job Mabes has worked hard to release her newest single "Caught Up" it's truly one captivating track that projects a lovely sound. Starting the track with a slow dreamy beat leading onto her beautiful vocals, she creates a dreamy imagery that is certainly appealing to the ears. To explain this track further it's about is about longing to be held and getting lost in the moment with that special person and the visuals were inspired by my love of Bobbie Gentry and 1960s tv shows. It's one amazing track to enjoy by the beach or a late night drive. Go Stream "Caught Up".


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