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Luke ATME - "Pull Me Closer"

Introducing "Pull Me Closer" by Luke ATME, a Contemporary R&B track imbued with romantic, sexy, and dark moods. This song, reminiscent of artists like Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars, Lauv, ZAYN, and Justin Bieber, delves into the complex emotions of a breakup not driven by betrayal or conflict, but by timing and circumstance. "Pull Me Closer" explores the difficult decision to part ways with someone you're deeply in love with because it's not the right time to be together. It's a narrative many can relate to we think personally, its the struggle of prioritizing other life aspects such as family and personal goals, despite strong feelings of love. The song captures the essence of this heart-wrenching situation, conveying the message that sometimes, listening to your heart also means not always following it blindly. It's a poignant reminder that timing plays a crucial role in relationships, and sometimes, a separation doesn't mean the end but a pause for a possible future reunion. How he got started though, Luke ATME, hailing from Naples, Italy, began his musical journey at 14, recording and uploading covers online. His passion for music and performance grew as he was part of a dance crew, participating in national competitions and local events. This multi-talented artist further honed his skills at the University of West London, graduating in music performance in 2017. Listen now.


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