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Lujza - “Over You”

Musician Lujza has released a new single titled "Over You," a track that showcases her love for soul vibes and storytelling.

In her own words, Lujza's journey of expression through music has helped her heal and she strives to put all of herself into the songs she writes. She shares only her truth with listeners, whether it be happy or sad, provocative or not. Lujza typically writes lyrics first, inspired by music or life experiences, and the melody comes to her as she works to refine the lyrics.

"Over You" features classic-sounding vocals and an emotional beat that perfectly complements Lujza's storytelling. If you enjoy music that delves into themes of love, life, and everything in between, be sure to give "Over You" a listen and keep an eye out for more releases from Lujza.


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