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Ludwig del Pino - “Tokyo rain”

Lofi producer and musician Ludwig del Pino has released a new single titled "Tokyo Rain." This track is a perfect choice for a rainy day, with its unique and vibrant sounds that transport listeners to another place.

According to del Pino, the creation process for "Tokyo Rain" began with a melody or sample, which served as the foundation for the rest of the track. The song features three distinct sections, each with its own character and atmosphere. The first section is slightly sad, while the second section introduces a "Japanese" character with keyboards and a more hopeful tone. The third section serves as an exit, with a relaxed and hopeful vibe.

Del Pino's attention to detail and thoughtfully crafted composition make "Tokyo Rain" a standout track that can be enjoyed both as background music or for more attentive listening. If you're a fan of lofi and electronic music, be sure to check out Ludwig del Pino's latest single.


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