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Lucky Yu x Aleiah - "Pardon"

Prepare to immerse yourself in an electrifying dreamscape as Lucky Yu and Aleiah unite their talents in their latest single, "Pardon." This dynamic duo brings you a fusion of electro-pop and light drum & bass, creating a sonic experience that traverses emotions from sadness to energy.

With beats that uplift and a vibe that's both effervescent and poignant, "Pardon" invites listeners to step into a world of electronic wonder. Picture it on your late-night, post-party playlist, keeping the vibe alive as everyone hangs out at your place. But that's not all – this track equally shines when cranked up during a solo drive down an open road, offering a euphoric escape from the mundane.

This track marks the debut collaboration of Lucky Yu, an indie-electronic-pop-ethereal artist and producer based in Los Angeles, and Aleiah, a singer-songwriter who caught Lucky's attention with her incredible Jorja Smith cover on YouTube. After a year of creative synergy, "Pardon" was born. The song, a testament to their artistic chemistry, is set to make waves not just for its mesmerizing sound, but also for its distribution through AWAL, and Lucky Yu's association with Ben Yi, renowned for his work with Ophelia Records / Seven Lions.

So, get ready to dive into a unique blend of electro-pop and light drum & bass as Lucky Yu and Aleiah take you on a sonic journey with "Pardon." Whether it's the after-party vibes or the open road euphoria you seek, this single promises an experience you won't forget. Listen below now!


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