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LUCID MAN LM8 - "Something Real"

LUCID MAN LM8's latest release, "Something Real," is a unique and powerful blend of trapsoul and cyberpunk. The track is accompanied by a mesmerizing music video that perfectly complements the song's themes and message.

The music video features LUCID MAN LM8 navigating through a neon-lit, cyberpunk cityscape, as he raps about the state of the world in the age of technology and social media. The video is a visual feast, filled with glitchy effects and references to classic cyberpunk imagery.

The track itself is a catchy and introspective look at our relationship with technology and the online world. LUCID MAN LM8's lyrics touch on themes of self-discovery, consciousness, and the importance of finding something real in a world of simulations and distractions.

With his unique blend of conscious and spiritual hip hop, LUCID MAN LM8 is a refreshing voice in the world of rap. He is an artist with a message, and "Something Real" is a testament to his talent and vision.

You can follow LUCID MAN LM8 on Instagram at @lucid_man_lm8 to stay up to date with his latest releases and performances. If you're a fan of conscious and introspective hip hop, LUCID MAN LM8 is an artist you definitely don't want to miss.


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