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Lucas Lenny - "Supporting"

Lucas Lenny is a talented musician whose music encompasses a variety of genres, including jazz fusion and world music with African influences. His music is characterized by its happy, energetic, and chill moods, making it a perfect blend of various sounds that create an immersive and colorful experience for listeners.

Lenny's debut EP 'At First' promises to be a spectacular showcase of his talents, and his first single 'Supporting' is a fantastic representation of his unique sound. The single is a smooth jazz track without any vocals, which takes the listener on a journey through a trance-like experience. The track's use of jazz fusion is evident, with a fusion of traditional jazz elements and modern production techniques. The result is a mesmerizing and captivating sound that showcases Lenny's talent as a musician and producer.

Listeners who enjoy artists such as Kokoroko, Yussef Dayes, D'angelo, Roy Ayers, and Stevie Wonder are sure to appreciate Lenny's music. His sound is unique, yet familiar, and his ability to blend different genres seamlessly is impressive. In particular, his use of African influences in his music adds an exciting element that sets him apart from other jazz fusion artists.

Overall, 'Supporting' is an excellent introduction to Lucas Lenny's music, and it's clear that he has a bright future ahead of him. His upcoming debut EP 'At First' promises to be a fantastic showcase of his talent, and his ability to combine different musical styles is sure to appeal to a wide audience. If you're a fan of jazz fusion and world music, Lucas Lenny is definitely an artist worth checking out.


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