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Lua Faye - "Lose You"

Introducing Lua Faye, While not much is known about Lua Faye, we do know that Lua Faye is an alt/pop artist located in the DMV and record in Annandale, VA. Currently they're working on releasing the first album OVERCAST which will feature 9 songs, The project contains mental themes and dynamics from my last relationship. The single is amazing top to bottom, from the instrumental, vocals, and writing, it is just hitting and working for us. When we think of who could inspire such great talent and hard work, we thought hard and to us "Lose You" felt like a counterpart to artist Jesse, from The Neighbourhood. The vocals are simply grasping our hearts here and doesn't let go, not even for a second. What we think is a great, truly great, way to end the new year, is only just the beggining for Lua Faye. Listen below.


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