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Love Lion Introducing Their Groovy Track "Good Karma"

Chris Love + Dandelion = Love Lion. Beatmaker and DJ Chris Love would frequent reggae MC Dandelion‘s day job cafe in East London. They would chat, as you do, and quickly found out that one could make amazing beats and the other could sing and MC with sweet melodies and a mad flow. It took some time to make it happen after a lot of the usual “yeah, yeah sure we gotta do something together man!!”.. but eventually they did and Love Lion was born. Working from his humble bedroom at his mum’s house in London Fields, Chris cooks up electronic beats with no clear niche. Dandelion sings reggae and has been performing with sound systems and bands for a while, namely ‘Hempolics’ and ‘The Drop’. Taking the short bus ride from Hoxton Square to London Fields one day after Dandelion finished work, they finally tried to make a tune together. “Something just clicked”, says Dandelion, “we found each other positive and refreshing to work with from the start”.

The music is also positive and refreshing with lyrical themes including unconditional love, sympathy for refugees, fidelity and forgiveness. There’s no ego or dissing of others.. it’s in the name. Following the release of their newest track "Good Karma" they project one upbeat track that will surely get your body moving. Beginning the track with a high energy sound leading onto their luscious and smooth vocals they capture the track entirely. To the vocals and production they present a groovy and enchanting sound that will truly intrigue your ears. Explaining this track further it's about having an experience with unconditional love, fidelity and forgiveness. Whatever you project into the atmosphere you will receive will surely come back to you. "Good Karma" enters that space of just giving out positivity and genuine care. Go stream "Good Karma" and check out their discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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