Lord Willin x Redd Rebel x V Knuckles - "Knuckle Up!"

Fresh off the success of their single "Russian Hats" ft. ILL BILL, Providence emcees Lord Willin & Redd Rebel join forces with Boston vet V Knuckles(of N.B.S.) for their latest visual "Knuckle Up" prod. by Sultan Mir and directed by Voz. The single starts off with with a soft violin sound to start, and then the hard drums of New York start coming it. When we hear instrumentals like the one from the single, we instantly think 90's Pay Day records, we think Jay - Z. This time the first artist to us was very reminiscent to DMX, then the next artist gave us a bit of Fat Joe vibes. It's simply incredible what can come up from collaboration from friends and peers. The third artist as well supports the single with his smooth and cold flow. Listen below.


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