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LOR - "The Same Shit"

Introducing LOR with "The Same Shit", Nu-disco meets the shadows we think with this single. This track really blends the dark, and aggressive moods and is a really perfect fit for listeners who gravitate towards the edgier, more intense end of the musical spectrum, similar to the likes of Gorillaz, SebastiAn, and Justice, especially Gorillaz here.

"The Same Shit" is well-suited for the darker and colder seasons or any moment that calls for a touch of anarchy or a taste of dystopian unrest, or just to feel something different we think. LOR channels the essence of dark alleyways and a group of rebels lurking in the shadows in a good way, something really futuristic yet dystopian is going on within the single that's interesting, crafting a narrative of resilience and defiance. Released in the wake of Halloween, the timing accentuates the single's theme of standing out and embracing the peculiar. Listen below now.


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