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Logan Prescott - "Contra"

LA-based Indie Pop artist Logan Prescott has you on his tongue. Late night phone calls and moody bass lines keep his listeners talking - so much that Prescott, a two-time Editor's Pick on Indie Shuffle and IndieMono playlist regular, continues to draw followers with his vibrant melodies. Having written music for the likes of Chad Kroeger's 604 Records (Carly Rae Jepsen, Mathew V) and Splice Sounds, Prescott returns with 80's vibes in the vein of artists like LANY or The 1975. Returning with dark undertones in his daring synth anthem 'contra' after being a two-time Editor's Pick on Indie Shuffle and landing on Spotify's Fresh Finds. Having written with some of the best artists in the LA area, Prescott pays homage to gritty indie rockers like Tame Impala and The 1975, while honing in a minimalistic production style laced with distorted synths and grungy vocal layers. "Contra" is definitely for the enjoyers of Pomo, Anderson Paak, and Mac Miller. At first listen we enjoyed heavily because it gave us the perfect sense of summer and our friends for the ones who have to go back to work during this time and face reality again, this is a secret, that brings you back to that moment you oh so savor. Take a listen below!



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