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lofi geek - "Geek Cafe"

Welcoming back a producer we just love religiously, lofi geek with "Geek Cafe". The producer and artist is just known for relaxing people, it's almost like he was sent down on this dust ball to calm you after an utterly terrible week or day. The single is something that you could imagine on the Lofigirl channel that you could relax to late at night time. The artist is never one to be scared to take a left turn and try something different. While staying in the bubble of comfort that is Lofi music for the musician, the genius always shows with every piece of production lofi geek releases. This is something usual for the artist, delivering stuff that you could imagine yourself doing something stuff with a charizard to, if that even makes sense. It makes me want to have a coffee with a pokemon gosh darn it. That's just my own opinion. Take a listen below now!


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