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lofi geek - "Deep Currents"

Introducing lofi geek with their latest single "Deep Currents." This track is a journey into serenity, led by the gentle strums of a Japanese harp. It's a purely instrumental piece, where lofi geek has decided to let the ambient soundscape do all the talking. The absence of lyrics allows the listener to drift into their thoughts, carried by the soothing waves of sound.

"Deep Currents" is a masterclass in creating an atmosphere. It's like a soft whisper in a bustling world, offering a moment of calm. The Japanese harp is the star here, its melodies flowing like water over pebbles in a stream. The ambient nature of the track means there's almost no presence of drums, making it perfect for those seeking a deep dive into tranquility. As you listen, you might find yourself transported to a peaceful garden in spring, cherry blossoms gently falling around you. The single has a life of its own we think, it breathes and lives, inviting you to pause and embrace the moment. Listen below now.


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