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LnO - "Stranger Things"

Welcoming LnO's latest track "Stranger Things," a captivating piece from the three-song EP "Inception." This track is a brilliant combination of lo-fi and old-school Hip-Hop, characterized by its boom bap style and reflective rapping over a lo-fi beat. Released by DistroKid, "Stranger Things" invites listeners into the formative stories of LnO's life and artistic journey. This track resonates with the styles of artists like EARTHGANG, Joey Bada$$, Mick Jenkins, and Malik Elijah, showcasing LnO's ability to blend introspective lyrics with a laid-back, engaging beat. His preferred moniker, Lo, reflects a sense of intimacy and authenticity that's palpable in his music. "Stranger Things" stands out for its chill, moody, and dark tones, offering a deep dive into the narrative of LnO's beginnings. The track is a story of driving through key events that shaped LnO into the artist he is today. It's a journey into his attitude and persona, a glimpse into the experiences that have influenced his music and identity. It's a track that takes listeners on a journey, inviting them to explore the depths of his experiences and the nuances of his artistic expression. Listen below now and see what we mean.


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