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Little Monarch With A Outstanding Track "Wrong Right"

Upcoming Talent Little Monarch is a band of friends based in Venice, California led by singer, writer, and producer Casey Kalmenson in collaboration with Justin Andres, Lanita Smith, and Nicholas Setter. Drawing from diverse musical backgrounds the band explores stories of hope, redemption, and euphoria against an ever evolving soundscape. With touches of Cali sunshine always finding it's way into the music. Following their newest release "Wrong Right" starting with a slow but yet cherrie beat leading onto her soft and capturing vocals. This song is truly so captivating anyone listening would definitely enjoy this energy filling track. It's a calming track perfect for watching the sunset or just driving around and wanting to listen to a cheerful song. To explain the track further it's about taking that one opportunity of making things right before it goes wrong, wanting to make things okay before time runs up. The chorus also projects a catchy tune that anyone could easily sing along too. Little Monarch have established themselves as a self contained indie pop outfit doing things their own way. With a new project on the horizon, 'Wrong Right' is a lovely glimpse into what is coming next. 


Instagram: @Littlemonarchmusic

Twitter: @LittlemonarchLA


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