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little endian - "Wolves"

Little Endian's latest synthwave single "Wolves" is a moody and epic journey into the heart of modern-day electronic pop. The single showcases Sophie Aked's thick and lush vocals, which are delivered with a deep throaty quality, adding a layer of intensity and emotion to the track. With its slow tempo, haunting piano, and pulsing bass, "Wolves" is a brooding and aggressive song that is sure to capture the attention of fans of artists like Florence + The Machine, St. Vincent, and Lorde.

Sophie Aked, the mastermind behind Little Endian, is not your usual singer-songwriter. Her music is a product of her fertile and furtive mind, and her songs veer from intimate and empathetic confessionals to boisterous anthems that refuse to budge from your brain. Her voice is confident, dramatic, piercing, and brooding, and her songs are playful, yet intense. "Wolves" is a perfect example of her ability to create a solid and smooth soundtrack that puts you at ease.


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