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LITE - "Deep Inside"

Introducing "Deep Inside" by LITE, a track that embodies the energy and innovation of the Japanese math rock band. Released by I Want The Moon, this song is part of the EP "Strata", which serves as a precursor to their upcoming 20th-anniversary album "Strata," set for release in early 2024. "Deep Inside" is a testament to LITE's evolving sound, combining elements of post-rock, alternative rock, and math rock. Known for their groundbreaking approach to instrumental rock, LITE has consistently redefined the genre over their two-decade career. This latest track continues their legacy of pushing musical boundaries and pursuing excellence. "Deep Inside" stands out for its wireless-like vocals, tense electronic sounds, and a tight, electrifying band sound. It encapsulates the essence of math rock we think personally, making the listener groove along with its catchy, well-structured progression. The track evokes a sense of familiarity here for sure with a youthful feel, reminiscent of certain spy movies, and is sure to make listeners smile hard involuntarily. Listen below now.


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