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Limón Limón With Their Amazing Track "Somebody Else"

Limón Limón has always been under our radar for some time now and every track we listen to, we constantly are amazed and surprised they just never miss. The LA based duo is composed of Jason (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) and Rand (Keys, Synths, Drums). Being an indie duo they seamlessly fuse the past and the future, the left and the right, the up and the down. Their captivating sound weaves together the expressive and unique feelings of live instruments with inventive lyrics and layered vintage and digital synths. Limón Limón establishes a fresh perspective on feel-good west coast music in its finest form. With the release of their newest single, they project a very upbeat track that will surely captivate you. Starting with groovy instrumentation leading onto their sweet and full vocals they complete the track entirely. Explaining the single further it's filled with Kaleidoscopic layers of muted electric guitar which deliver an infectious new wave groove that blends elements of 80s rock and electronic pop, while heartfelt vocals will have you feeling like you could never be “Somebody Else.” To the vocals and production, this track will surely have you wanting to dance. It would be just perfect for a late night drive or watching the sense by the beach. Go stream "Somebody Else" and check out their discography which has some astounding tracks.



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