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Limón Limón Introduce An Amazing Track With "Long Distance"

Introducing the upcoming artists Limón Limón they consist of a duo who are composed by Jason who does vocals, guitar and bass while Rand does Keys, Synths, Drums this perfectly set duo combines music from the past and the future. They swiftly capture amazing music as well as providing outstanding art covers. Regarding their sound, they move seamlessly throughout their tracks weaving together their expressive and unique feelings of live instruments. They also provide inventive lyrics, layered vintage and digital synths that would be capturing to any listener.

Following their newest single "Long Distance" they do an amazing job of bringing this track to life. Starting the track with an upbeat and astounding sound leading onto their lovely vocals, they introduce a different atmosphere when it come to their music. Having this exciting feeling throughout the track it gives the listeners an interesting perspective for this particular track. To explain the track further it reflects on a relationship that's derailed by constant separation, yet held together by the illusion of a love that has long since passed. Drifting through a synthetic haze of sound reveals the emotional pitfalls of staying together while spending all your time apart. The track also draws influences from electronic genres like retrowave and futuresynth. Merging them with organic elements and the natural feel of an indie/alternative band. It's a great track that would be perfect for a drive to the beach or just hanging with some friends go check out "Long Distance"