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Lil Genny Introduces A Turn Up Track With "Too Fly"

Introducing upcoming artist Lil Genny who's a rapper/songwriter from Dallas Texas, working on music having around 10 tracks on Soundcloud, Lil Genny has surely been perfecting his craft along the way. Currently releasing music often Lil Genny has presented us with a new single "Too Fly" it's such a fun and turnt track that it'll be irresistible to not listen to all of it. Starting the track with a upbeat sound leading onto his captivating and astounding vocals. It's truly a track to jam out and get lit to explain this track a little further it's about just being "Too Fly" getting money and not being worried about anything but living a luxurious life and a wealthy one too. This track would be perfect to be blasted a party or just hanging with friends getting turnt. Make sure to check out Lil Genny discography all his song are fun and definitely a vibe as well as go stream "Too Fly".


Instagram: @gennydtx

Twitter: @USIPCUT


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